[CARTE BLANCHE] is well recognized band that is holding an important and honorable place on the bright scene of live music in Kiev. During the past few years, these guys have been raising the bar of music quality higher and higher. Today [CARTE BLANCHE] is one of the best cover bands in Ukraine.

The members of [CARTE BLANCHE] are musicians with impressive experience in high performance level, who have history in collaboration with many popular artists of the Ukrainian pop and rock scenes.

High performing skills, along with creative freedom and fresh ideas, give tremendous results! Performance of world hits by [CARTE BLANCHE] bring totally new and unique experience to the audience.

An important feature of the team in the ability to correctly select and constantly update the repertoire. [CARTE BLANCHE] is one of the first bands in Ukraine to play the latest singles from the world charts, wishing to surprise the audience and to acquaint it with something new and unusual.

The guys look equally bright and confident both at large concert venues and in cozy spaces for connoisseurs and music lovers. Creative credo of [CARTE BLANCHE] is to create and maintain the right atmosphere of the party. They surely can light up any dance floor as well as touch the listener to the heart.

The group

Tanya Dyachenko - voice

Pavel Dremlyzhenko - keyboards

Iryna Slobodeniuk - bass guitar

Evgeniy Kostits – drums